Date won April 4, 2021
Date established April 4, 2020
Promotion WWE
Brand SmackDown

The WWE SmackDown Women's Championship is a women's professional wrestling championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE on the SmackDown brand. It is one of two women's championships for WWE's main roster, along with the Raw Women's Championship on the Raw brand. The current champion is Lita, who is in her first reign.

Unveiled on the April 4, 2020, episode of SmackDown, it was created to be the counterpart title to the then-WWE Women's Championship, which became exclusive to Raw as a result of the 2020 WWE draft. That title was subsequently renamed after the crowning of the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion, Becky Lynch.

Following the reintroduction of the WWE brand extension and subsequent draft on April 1, 2020, WWE Women's Champion Asuka was drafted to Raw, leaving SmackDown without a women's championship. Immediately following WrestleMania on the April 4, 2020, episode of SmackDown, SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon and general manager Daniel Bryan unveiled the SmackDown Women's Championship (Raw's title was subsequently renamed). A six-pack elimination challenge was then scheduled for Payback on April 26, 2020, to determine the inaugural champion. The six-women who were chosen for the six-pack challenge: Becky Lynch, Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Natalya and Tamina.

Inaugural championship match Edit

Eliminated Wrestler Eliminated by Method of elimination
1 Tamina Charlotte Flair Pinned after Natural Selection
2 Naomi Natalya Submitted to the Sharpshooter
3 Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Pinned after a Bexspolder
4 Natalya Carmella Submitted after a Code of Silence
5 Carmella Becky Lynch Submitted after the Dis-arm-her
Winner Becky Lynch

Title historyEdit


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event
1 Becky Lynch 1 April 26, 2020 70 Payback
2 Charlotte Flair 1 June 21, 2020 64 Money in the Bank
3 Becky Lynch 2 August 23, 2020 105 SummerSlam
4 Naomi 1 December 6, 2020 70 TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs
5 Beth Phoenix 1 February 14, 2021 49 Elimination Chamber
6 Lita 1 April 4, 2021 1+ WrestleMania XI

List of combined reignsEdit

Indicates the current champion
Rank Wrestler No. of
Combined days
1 Becky Lynch 2 175
2 Naomi 1 70
3 Charlotte Flair 1 64
4 Beth Phoenix 1 49
5 Lita † 1 1+