The following is a list of current free agents within the WWE. These free agents can sign with either Raw, SmackDown or NXT, and, depending on status, will have a limited number of appearances before their one year contract expires (which they can resign with their current brand, or switch if they receive a better offer).

Employee Status Signed for Date Time remaining
Albert Full time NXT 05/04/2020 1 year
Alundra Blayze Part time
Andre the Giant Part time
Bam Bam Bigelow Part time
Batista Full time Raw 02/04/2020 1 year
Beth Phoneix Part time
Big Boss Man Part time
Booker T Part time SmackDown 16/11/2019 7 months
Bret Hart Part time
British Bulldog Part time
Bushwhacker Butch Full time SmackDown 02/04/2020 1 year
Bushwhacker Luke Full time SmackDown 02/04/2020 1 year
Cactus Jack Full time
Christian Full time Raw 07/09/2019 5 months
Daniel Bryan Part time
DDP Part time
Dude Love Full time
Dusty Rhodes Part time
Eddie Guerrero Full time SmackDown 04/04/2020 1 year
Edge Full time Raw 14/07/2019 4 months
Goldberg Part time Raw 24/01/2020 9 months
Ivory Full time
Jacqueline Full time NXT 05/04/2020 1 year
Jake "The Snake" Roberts Part time
JBL Part time
Jim Neidhart Part time
Kerry Von Erich Part time
Kevin Nash Part time
Kevin Von Erich Part time
Kurt Angle Full time Raw 03/04/2020 1 year
Lex Luger Part time
Lita Full time Raw 03/04/2020 1 year
Macho Man Randy Savage Full time
Mankind Full time
Mr. Perfect Full time
Razor Ramon Full time
Ric Flair Part time
Rick Rude Part time
Ricky Steamboat Part time
Rikishi Full time
Rob Van Dam Full time Raw 03/04/2020 1 year
Shawn Michaels Part time
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin Part time
Sting Part time
Sycho Sid Part time
The Godfather Full time
The Rock Part time
Triple H Part time
Trish Stratus Full time Raw 27/06/2019 2 months
Ultimate Warrior Part time
Vader Part time

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